Provisional Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 11th June, 2001 at Menmuir Hall

Careston - Mr J. Adamson
Stracathro - Mr H. Campbell Adamson
Edzell - Mr C. Simpson, Mr I. Rae
Glenesk - Mr G. Lowden, Mrs N. Bertram, Mr F. Skene
Menmuir - Mr C. Williamson, Mr M. Johnston, Mrs I. Miller, Mr I. Morrison
Brechin Landward - Mr P. Yates, Mr C. Gow
In attendance - Mr D. Murray, Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville, Cllr. R. Myles, Chief Superintendent C. Murray (Tayside Police), Brechin Advertiser, Ms Z. Wood (Courier and Advertiser), Mr I. Cowie and 8 members of the public
Apologies - Mrs E. Hickson, Mr A. de Costa, Mr R. Cooke, Dr B. Fernandez, Mrs M. McIntosh.

1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting as a true and accurate record was proposed by Mr M. Johnston and seconded by Mrs I. Miller. This was approved as such.  Action
2. Treasurer’s Report
Mr Simpson reported the bank balance on 31st May 2001 stood at £401.29.
3. Police Matters
The Chairman introduced Chief Superintendent C. Murray of Tayside Police who is the Divisional Commander for this area and is based in Forfar.
Chief Superintendent Murray explained he was attending a meeting of each Community Council within his Divisional area to give a briefing on what the police are doing within the immediate community area and the rest of the Division.
Firstly he confirmed that he had decided to make the police presence in the landward area (based at Edzell) a permanent one. This news was much appreciated by the attending community councillors as it is felt that the problems with vandalism etc have been very considerably reduced since the police presence in the area was re-established, in the present format, a few weeks ago.
Further priorities of the police in the division were detailed as follows.
? The ‘Safer Scotland’ initiative where, in a recent exercise in Brechin (at Flicks night-club), the police checked those attending for offensive weapons, drugs etc. This is a Scotland wide initiative, which will continue throughout the summer.
? A stolen vehicles initiative, in conjunction with colleagues in Dundee. This is not necessarily a problem in the immediate area at this time, but it is something the police are keeping a close watch on.
? Targeting drug dealers – building up the police’s intelligence.
The police are always looking for information and the public are urged to call Crime Stoppers on 0800 – 555111 if they see, hear etc anything suspicious.
Chief Superintendent Murray then asked if anyone had any questions, which he would attempt to answer.
a. Concern was expressed about fly tipping and it was felt that more police patrols would help matters. CS Murray said this was a situation where the public co-operation would prove to be beneficial. Everyone to be on the look out for suspicious vehicles, and when any are seen that might have been fly tipping, to take a note of the number on the licence plate, the type of vehicle, a description of the driver (if possible), details of what is being / has been dumped and where. Phone the local police and ensure you ask for a police presence.
b. An example was then given of a person known to one of the attendees who phoned the police and who ended up waiting 20 minutes before being put through to the right person. CS Murray said he couldn’t comment on that specific problem, but he did suggest that in cases of an emergency people should not be afraid to dial 999. In other non-emergency cases, it’s very important to be precise with the information being given to the police telephone operators. If there are incorrect spelling of locations, for example, considerable time may be lost by routing calls to the wrong people to handle the call.
c. A recent case of poaching was mentioned / discussed. This was already known to the police who confirmed it was an Aberdeen based group. They had recently been caught, and 6 of the group charged.
4. Stracathro Hospital
Cllr. Leslie-Melville advised the meeting that the future of Stracathro was out for consultation. There is to be a public meeting about Stracathro in the City Hall, Brechin at 7.30 on Thursday 14th June.

5. Planning Matters
 Edzell - Dunlappie Bridge, Edzell. The Secretary was asked to write to the Planning Dept confirming our support for this project. Secretary
6. Correspondence Received
 a. Mailshot from the Ramblers’ Association on matters concerning the Land Reform Bill.
 b. Rural Website questionnaire. This was passed to Mr M. Johnston to complete on our behalf. M. Johnston
 c. Notification of a seminar on Community Planning in Angus being held at the Angus Conference Centre on 21st August. Mr D. Murray is planning on attending.
7. From the Regions
 Edzell Access to the rear door at Inglis Court. Cllr Myles will attend to this. Cllr Myles
8. The rest of the meeting was spent discussing and agreeing the Community Council’s response to the Land Reform Bill proposals.
The Chairman made appropriate notes and will finalise our reply, which must be received by the appropriate authorities no later than 30th June 2001.   Chairman
12. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 16th July 2001 in the Stracathro Hall, Inchbare.
Dates / locations for future meetings (to end of 2002) were issued to those attending the meeting.

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