Provisional Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 14th May, 2001 at The Retreat, Tarfside


Stracathro - Mr. H. Campbell Adamson

Edzell - Mr. A. de Costa, Mrs. E. Hickson, Mr. C. Simpson

Glenesk - Mrs. M. McIntosh, Mr. 0. Lowden, Mrs. N. Bertram, Mr. F. Skene

Menmuir - Mr. C. Williamson, Mr. M. Johnston, Mrs. I. Miller, Mr. I. Morrison

Brechin Landward - Mr. P. Yates

In attendance Mr. D. Murray, Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville, Cllr. B. Myles Mr C. Hutchison (Brechin Advertiser), Ms Z. Ball (Courier and Advertiser), Inspector P. Scobbie (Tayside Police) and 4 member of the public

Apologies - Dr D. Fernandez, Mr. I. Cowie (EVIS)

 1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising                                                                            Action
  There being no matters arising, approval of the minutes of the previous
  meeting as a true and accurate record was proposed by Mrs. M. Hickson and
  seconded by Mr. C. Williamson. This was approved as such.

 2. Treasurer's Report
  Mr. Simpson reported the bank balance on 30~ April 2001 stood at £502.81.

 3. Edzell 'static' skips
  Is progressing well - an EVIS meeting on this subject was held recently and
  was very well attended.
  All at ~ meeting thought EVIS had handled the skip situation -extremely well                                            Secretary
  and the Secretary was asked to write to EVIS to congratulate them on what
  they had achieved.
  A short discussion on the letter on this subject, from Mrs. Lesley Smith, in
  10.05.01 edition of The Brechiner. In her letter, she mentioned that "Edzell
  Community Council" was to take over the management of the skip'. The
  Secretary is to write to her advising that it is the EVIS rather than the                                                        Secretary
  Community Council who will be managing the skip site.

 Other matters discussed
*  The plans to introduce a charge £7 for removing / uplifting bulky
household items was thought to be unjustified.
* There is some uncertainty about what charges are applied for council
dumps. One person had been told that anyone using a tractor would not be
charged, whilst there would be a charge if a van was used. Cllr. Myles                                                        Cllr. Myles
agreed to check into this.
* There are no bins at Pirnie Brig.
*  It was asked who was responsible for emptying the bins (not Wheelie bins)
at Tarfside Play Park. It's believed this should be Angus Council.
*  Still some discussion within Angus Council about whether they should be
going up farm roads I tracks to empty the bins (FMD issue). At present the
bins have to be brought down to the road end.

4. Police Matters

The return of Constable Thomas to Edzell continues to be very well received
throughout the area. This is seen as a very positive move towards reducing the
problems of vandalism that have been of such concern over recent months.

Some discussion on the move of the call centre from Forfar to Dundee. This is
considered a necessary step to improve the present situation, which many
believe to be unacceptable. Not all are (yet) convinced that this will be the
solution. Inspector Scobbie reminded the meeting of the need to give accurate
details about the incident and what action is required when calling the police.
In addition, some indication of the priority (urgency) of the police response
would also be of considerable help.

The Chairman asked Inspector Scobbie about the advisability of making
citizens arrest, particularly in cases of 'fly tipping'. Inspector Scobbie replied
that a citizens arrest should only apply for serious crime and would not be
appropriate for illegal dumping. In such a case, a note of the car registration,
the exact location and details of what was being dumped should be noted and
passed to the police to be taken further as appropriate. If someone could
corroborate the story, a report would be sent to the fiscal. Inspector Scobbie
advised that a citizens arrest should be an absolutely last option - it is almost
certainly a much better option to phone the police in every case when a serious
crime has been witnessed.

There are still occurrences of speeding through Inchbare. The police are aware
of this and are giving it their attention.

5. Roads Matters

It was noted that the lower part of the Glen Esk road was in better condition
(less potholes etc.) than the upper part. The lower part is in Aberdeenshire,
whilst the upper part is in Angus.
Cllr. Myles advised the meeting that tenders for the new Dunlappie bridge
would be going out to tender in July. The anticipated completion date of the
new bridge is September I October 2001.

 6. Stracathro Hospital

  Cllr. Leslie-Melville reported that things are looking somewhat brighter than
  they were when the last meeting was held and she is more optimistic than she
  She expects there to be some sort of hospital on the Stracathro site and hopes
  something will be decided later this year - possibly in the Autumn.
  The Health Board would like to close the Coronary Care Unit, but cannot do so
  until a viable alternative is in place.
  There was some discussion on the ability of the ambulance service to cope with
  the demands being put on it due to the situation at Stracathro. Mrs. I. Miller
  reported an incident that graphically illustrates the potential problems. A lady
  had slipped and banged her head on a step last weekend in Menmuir. A local
  doctor managed to get to the scene quite quickly and, after examining her,
  called for an ambulance - and then took 75 minutes to get to Menmuir. This
  was considered totally unacceptable by all at the meeting, but does give an
  indication of the potential problems there may be.

 7. Glenesk Roadman

  Still with Mr. R. Cooke - to follow up with him.

 8. Cairngorm Partnership

  Our response to the proposal for a Cairngorms National Park, as drafted by Mr.
  Cooke, has been sent to Scottish Natural Heritage.

 9. Planning Matters

  Mr. D. Murray gave brief details of three applications for extensions etc. received
  in the last month.
  There is some concern that we are not getting details of all planning matters
  within our area and we also get details of applications outside our area. Mr. Mr. D. Murray
  Murray to follow this up with the Planning Dept.
  Also agreed that Mr. Murray is to forward details, as soon as received, of any
  planning matters in the following areas to the appropriate person Mr. D. Murray
  Menmuir       -  Mr. M. Johnston /  Mr. C. Williamson
  Careston       -  Mr. J. Adamson
  Edzell            -  Mr. A. de Costa
  Stracathro     -  Mr. H. Campbell Adamson
  Glen Esk       -  Mr. F. Skene
  Glen Lethnot -  Mr I. Morrison

10. Correspondence Received

 a.  Reply from Housing Dept to our letter of 5th April about 'Double Glazing
  for Council houses at Dune Place, Edzell'. Copy of this letter to be given                                               Secretary
  to Mrs. Hickson.
 b.  Letter asking Inveresk Community Council to convene and lead a group
  discussing the 'Natural Environment' . This was discussed at a recent
  meeting of the Brechin and Area Community Conference. Mr. Simpson to                                              Mr. C. Simpson
  investigate this further.
 c.  Invitation to attend the AGM of the Angus Access panel on 6th June,
 d.  Invitation to attend a meeting on 'Community Economic Development in
  the Angus Glens' on 16 May, 2001. Mr. D. Murray will be attending this                                                Mr. D. Murray
  meeting and will report back at the next meeting.
 e.  Acknowledgement, from Scottish Natural Heritage, of our response to the
  proposal to establish a National Park in the Cairngorms area. (See Item 8
 f.  Letter from Newtyle arid Eassie CC about the planned closures of refuse
  skips within various communities in Angus. The Secretary to reply.                                                          Secretary
 g.  Two copies of Angus Council's Corporate Plan 2000/2003.
 h.  Updated bus timetables.
 i.  Minutes of various Angus Council meetings.
 j.  SEPA View - Spring 2001

k.  ScotWays 2001 (Newsletter of The Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society).

1.  April/May newsletter of Angus Association of Voluntary Organisations.

m. Amended 'Area Forum Timetables.

n.  Letter from Development Dept. of the Scottish Executive in reply to letter
we sent about our concerns of the Term Contract for Management and
Maintenance of the Scottish Trunk Road Network'.

o. Notification from the Rural Affairs Dept of the Scottish Executive; that
consultation period on the draft Land Reform Bill and draft Scottish
Outdoor Access Code. has been extended to the end of June 2001.

p. Access Newsletter April 2001

q. Agenda for Association of Scottish Community Councils AGM being held
on 9 June 2001, plus Registration form

p. From the Scottish Executive, a Consultation Paper on the Review of
Woodland Grant Scheme and Farm Woodlands Premium Scheme.

p. Letter from the Scottish Executive notifying us that the Executive has
published a Consultation Paper on a draft Title Conditions (Scotland) Bill
which forms part of the Executive's land reform programme as set out in
the Land Reform Action Plan.

11. From the Regions

Edzell         The contractors undertaking the clearance work in Edzell woods
                    have damaged the verges. it is hoped they will make good the damage.

Glenesk     *  Nursery provision for Tarfside Pre-School Group has now
                    been satisfactorily resolved. Thanks to Angus Council for this.

                    * As reported earlier in the Minutes, the condition of that part
                    of the Glen Esk road in Aberdeenshire is noticeably better
                    than the top part of the road, which is in Angus.

                    *  The FMD sign at the Rocks of Solitude have now been

Menmuir     Are having a cheese and wine party at 7.30 on Friday 8th June
                    2001 in the Menmuir Hall to celebrate the launching of their
                    Community Website.

Lethnot       The Roads dept (or one of their contractors) have recently been
cutting back the bushes and other shrubs on the verges of roads
in and around the Lethnot area. There was considerable concern
that this was done quite so early in the year as many of the
bushes I shrubs etc. will still be being used by birds to rear their
young. The Secretary was asked to write to the Director of Roads                                                                  Secretary
about these concerns.

Stracathro  Nothing to report.

12. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at 7.3Opm on Monday 11th June 2001 in the Menmuir Hall.

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