Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 16th July, 2001 at Inglis Memorial Hall, Edzell

Stracathro    -    Mr H. Campbell Adamson
Edzell    -    Mr C. Simpson, Mr I. Rae, Mrs E. Hickson, Mr A. de Costa,  Dr B. Fernandez
Glenesk    -    Mr G. Lowden, Mrs N. Bertram, Mr F. Skene, Mrs M. McIntosh
Menmuir    -    Mr C. Williamson, Mrs I. Miller, Mr I. Morrison
Brechin Landward    -    Mr P. Yates
In attendance    -    Mr D. Murray, Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville, Cllr. R. Myles, Inspector P. Scobbie (Tayside Police), C. Hutchison, Brechin Advertiser, Ms Z. Wood (Courier and Advertiser), Mrs V. Haggert (EVIS), Mr I. Cowie (EVIS) and 3 members of the public
Apologies    -    Mr M. Johnston, Mr R. Cooke

1.    Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting as a true and accurate record was proposed by Mr C. Williamson and seconded by Mr F. Skene. This was approved as such.     Action
2.    Treasurer’s Report
Mr Simpson reported the bank balance on 30th June 2001 stood at £319.34.     
3.    Police Matters
- Vandalism within Edzell, particularly at the Muir, is a major concern at present. Inspector Scobbie advised that part of the problem is because it’s now the school summer holidays and the young people of the area are bored.
Certain of the youths involved have been traced and spoken to by the police, but there has been insufficient evidence to charge anyone.
The police presence in the area has been a considerable improvement. However, it was acknowledged that it cannot be left to the police alone to try and resolve the vandalism issue – it is a community problem which will require work by the community to help resolve the problem.
Mrs Haggert said she had spoken to the parents of some of the local youths. On there own the children are fine, but the problems start when they are in a group.
- The police have had some successes with charging people with ‘fly-tipping’. However, Inspector Scobbie reminded the meeting that the police continue to rely on information from the public if they see anyone dumping anything illegally.
- Still continuing to have people coming down from Aberdeen to poach. Again, the police are keeping a close watch on the situation and do need people to continue reporting anything they see.    
4.    Roads Matters
- The Secretary reported on the reply he had received from the Director of Roads to his letter of 8th June on various matters – see Correspondence Received section (No 7). Clarification was requested on the differences between the state of repairs of the Angus and Aberdeenshire parts of the Glen Esk road. It was agreed that the repairs within Aberdeenshire appeared to be of a more permanent nature, whilst those within Angus seemed more temporary.
The cutting back of the vegetation along the roadside was done in Glen Esk rather than Glen Lethnot as indicated in the Secretary’s letter of 8th June.
- The Secretary summarised the points of the most recent letter written by Mrs Lesley Smith, Inchbare to the Director of Roads. The points covered were pavementing and speed restrictions within Inchbare. Cllr Myles also received a copy of the letter written to Dr McLellan and has been speaking to Mrs Smith.
- The passing area on the road next to West Muirside, Balzeordie needs some upgrading work on it – probably just some more gravel. Mr Kiddie of West Muirside has been in touch with Angus Council, but got nowhere. The Secretary is to take this up with the Roads Dept.      

5.    Stracathro Hospital
Cllr Leslie-Melville updated the meeting on what has been happening recently. All agreed that the situation remains somewhat confused – whether this is intentional remains to be seen!
Expect to hear more, possibly a decision, at the end of August.
The ‘big house’ will not be on the market until the end of the year.    
6.    Planning Matters    
    Edzell    -    Discussed the planning application for 41 (or 40?) houses behind the school. It was agreed that Mr D. Murray would draft our reply highlighting the following.    D. Murray

-    - Slateford Road is not considered suitable for vehicular access. Would want this to be limited to pedestrian access only.
- All vehicular access to be from the Lethnot Road whilst ensuring a suitable (good) pavement along Lethnot Road.
Dalhousie Estates have applied for permission to build a storage in the wooded area behind (at the end of) Edzell Muir. No problems with this, so long as it is adequately screened from the road.    
7.    Correspondence Received    
    a.    Letter from Dr B. McLellan (Director of Roads) in reply to the Secretary’s letter of 8th June 2001.
- He does not concur that the Aberdeenshire section of the Glen Esk road is in better condition than the Angus section. More details of our concerns are requested, so that he can respond specifically.
- Cutting back of vegetation in Glen Lethnot was done in response to complaints about overhanging branches / bushes, partly caused by last winters heavy snowfalls. No evidence of destruction of birds’ nests was found.      
    b.    Copy of letter from Mrs Lesley Smith, Inchbare to Dr McLellan (Director of Roads) plus covering letter to ICC.    
    c.    Updated Bus Timetables    
    d.    Angus Council Minutes    
    e.    Tayside Police – Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2001    
    f.    Invitation from Tayside Police to their Eastern Divisional Headquarters Open Day at Forfar on 23 June 2001.    
    g.    Annual Public Performance Report from Tayside Fire Brigade     
    h.    Sale brochure from Base Leisure plc    
    i.    Letter from ScotWays requesting that we reply to the Rural Affairs Dept with our views on the Draft Land Reform (Scotland) Bill.    
    j.    Angus Transport Forum – Developing Rural Transport Solutions Conference Report – 28 April 2001.    
    k.    Angus Transport Forum 0 Minutes of AGM held on 21 June 2001    
    l.    Angus Glens Workshop – evaluation report of workshop held in Kirriemuir on 11 June 2001    
    m.    EU Community Initiative – request for our comments on a draft submission for funding under the above programme.    
8.    From the Regions    
    Edzell    Tender for Dunlappie Bridge was due to go out in July, but so far no sign of it. The Secretary is to contact the Roads Dept to find out what is happening.    
9.    Any Other Business
Mr Murray reported that he had recently attended a meeting where Lottery Funding was discussed (New Opportunities Fund, Community Facilities at Schools). If anyone requires further details please contact him.    
12.    Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 10th September, 2001 in  Lethnot Hall.    

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