Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 11th March 2002 at the Inglis Memorial Hall, Edzell

Careston    -    
Stracathro    -    Mr H. Campbell Adamson, Mr R. Cooke
Edzell    -    Mrs E. Hickson, Mr I. Rae, Mr C. Simpson, Dr D.B. Fernandez
Glenesk    -    Mrs M. McIntosh, Mrs N. Bertram,
Menmuir    -    Mr M. Johnston,
Lethnot    -    
Brechin Landward    -    Mr P. Yates,
In attendance    -    Mr D. Murray, Cllr. R. Myles, Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville, Mr Alex Anderson (Director, Planning and Transport, Angus Council), Mr Craig Cleland (Angus Council), Mr Jim Anderson (Director, Education, Angus Council), Mr C. Hutchison (Brechin Advertiser), Courier, and 20 members of the public
Apologies    -    Mr G. Lowden, Mr I. Morrison, Mr A. de Costa, Mr F. Skene, Mrs I. Miller

1.    The Chairman welcomed Mr Alex Anderson and Mr Jim Anderson to the meeting and explained that they were here to discuss two items of particular interest to the community at present -
i. the proposed new housing development in Edzell, and
ii. the Council plans for improving Edzell Primary School and the opportunity this gives us take a longer term, more global approach to review some alternatives such as a Community Centre.    
1.1    Proposed new housing development (Mr Alex Anderson)
Access for 16 of the 41 houses will be from Slateford Road. This access will include a chicane as a traffic calming method and the pavement / footpath will be sufficiently wide to ensure there will be plenty of room for pedestrians. Access to the remaining 25 houses in the development would not be possible from Slateford Road.  
Council planning and roads departments would prefer there to be more than the one (Lethnot Road) access road as they don’t like having more than a certain number of houses (less than 41) having to use a single access point.
Areas of concern from the floor were
- the number of children plus adults walking along Church Road on their way to and from school. In the morning, this may coincide with people driving out of the Slateford Road access on their way to work.
- there will be less room for parking for ‘The Glens’ nursing home. Better parking facilities than exist at present were expected, but this will be unlikely if Slateford Road becomes an access point.    
    Whilst Mr Anderson was sympathetic to the concerns from the floor, he said there was no planning justification for refusing permission to use Slateford Road as an access point.
Those who continued to have concerns were invited to attend the council’s planning meeting on Thursday 14.03.02 where the final planning decision on this development will be made. Anyone intending to go was asked to contact the Law and Administration department as quickly as possible.       
1.2    Improvements to Edzell Primary School (Mr Jim Anderson and Mr Craig Cleland)
The Chairman introduced Mr Anderson and went on to explain that it was the view of a considerable number of people that we should be taking a longer term view and more global approach to this subject.
The concept of a centre which could include a primary school (plus pre-school playgroup and nursery), doctor’s surgery etc was thought to be worth investigating further.
Mr Anderson explained that the current plans were to spend £350,000 to improve the current facilities at the Edzell Primary school – demolishing the ‘temporary’ huts at the back of the school and replacing them with two classrooms and a nursery built on to the existing building. He also advised that, if this project did not proceed within a specified timeframe, we should be aware that it was possible that the monies earmarked for this work would be used for another project of equal priority.   
The Chairman commented that it was unfortunate that the present system of government did not apparently permit extra time to investigate alternative suggestions / options such as those mentioned above.
It was acknowledged that the cost of any type of community centre would be considerably more than the £350,000 earmarked for the school improvements.
Following a considerable discussion, it was agreed that Mr Douglas Murray would co-ordinate a group whose aim was to look into the options.
The group would approach organisations for funding (Millenium Awards Scheme) and it was anticipated they would carry out a survey of Edzell, do a census of the surrounding area to establish the age groups of people who might use a community centre and what they would require. Time is very limited, so their actions will have to be completed within the next three or four months.
Agreed this was not a Community Council issue beyond raising the matter at this meeting, getting things started and maintaining an active ‘watching brief’ on progress at future meetings.                   
    By the time the above discussions had been completed, there was only enough time to very quickly cover items from the regions. The usual agenda items would be covered in more detail      
2.    From the Regions    
2.1    Edzell
    Excessive speeding within the village. The Secretary was asked to write to the police to request that they do speed checks and take other suitable steps to try to reduce the incidence of speeding.    Secretary
2.2    Glenesk    When the gritter is out, it does not always plow when appropriate. The Secretary is to write to the roads department about this.     Secretary
2.3    Lethnot    When the gritter is out in future, it would be helpful if it could be on the Tullo Road about 30 minutes earlier it usually is. At present, it always seems to be doing the gritting when the children are being taken to school. Cllr Myles to take this up with the roads department.    

Cllr Myles
3.    Next Meeting    
    The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 8th April 2002 in the Stracathro Hall, Inchbare.    

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