Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 12th November, 2001 at Menmuir Hall

Careston    -    
Stracathro    -    Mr H. Campbell Adamson, Mr R. Cooke,
Edzell    -    Mrs E. Hickson, Mr A. de Costa, Mr C. Simpson, Mr I. Rae
Glenesk    -    Mr G. Lowden, Mrs N. Bertram, Mr F. Skene
Menmuir    -    Mr C. Williamson, Mr M. Johnston, Mrs I. Miller
Lethnot    -    
Brechin Landward    -    Mr P. Yates
In attendance    -    Mr D. Murray, Mr I. Cowie (EVIS), Mr C. Hutchison (Brechin Advertiser), Courier and Advertiser and 5 members of the public
Apologies    -    Dr B. Fernandez, Mrs M. McIntosh, Cllr. R. Myles, Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville,

1.    Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting was proposed by Mr D. Murray and seconded by Mrs E. Hickson.  This was approved as such.     Action
2.    Treasurer’s Report
Mr Simpson reported that the bank balance on 31st October stood at £49.95.
The annual accounts were presented and, after reviewing them, the Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his work over the last year. Mr Simpson agreed to continue as Treasurer.
The Secretary was asked to write a letter of thanks to Mr John Clark who audited the accounts.      

3.    Police Matters
As there was no police presence at the meeting, there was no one to comment on, or answer, the concerns and questions raised at the meeting.
A phone call had been made to Montrose police station on 9 October. The call was automatically routed through to Dundee, as presumably there was no one to take the call at Montrose. When the call was answered at Dundee, it was then transferred back to Montrose where it was answered. Are not sure why the initial call to Montrose was not answered, as there must have been someone at Montrose all the time.
Some discussion on the policing at the bonfire night at Edzell on Saturday 10 November. Although exact numbers were not known, it was thought that more than 500 people attended. There was a police presence, but it was felt to have been inadequate. The fountain on the Muir was badly damaged and a fence round someone’s garden was kicked down. The Secretary was asked to write to the police to express concern at the lack of police cover.      

4.    Roads Matters
Work on Dunlappie Briedge is on schedule.    
5.    Stracathro Hospital
Have heard that the kitchens are possibly to be closed.    

6.    Planning Matters    
    Edzell     -
    Edzell (Lethnot Road) development – it was agreed that the Chairman would write to the developer confirming our ‘register of interest’ in having some improvements made to the local facilities as the development progresses.    

    Brechin Landward    -    Drummond Park, Little Brechin    
7.    Correspondence Received    
    a.    Angus Council 2001 Minutes – Volume 39 dated 1 November, plus timetable of meetings April 2002 to March 2003.    
    b.    From Sepa – ‘Tayside Waste Strategy – Issue Paper’, plus Questionairre    
    c.    Letter from Chief Superintendent C. Murray in reply to our letter to him dated 5 October.     
    d.    Local Holidays for 2002 – from Angus Council    
    e.    Updated bus timetables form Angus Council    
    f.    Annual Report 2001 from the Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society. Reminder that we have not renewed our 2001/2001 subscription.     
    g.    Notification of Angus Council’s Bi-Annual Meeting with Community Councils being held on Tuesday 4th December at 7.30 in the Town and County Hall, Forfar. Attendance is limited to two representatives.
Long-service awards will be presented to Community Councillors who have completed 20 years of continuous service. Nominations required from ICC if anyone meets this requirement.
Agreed that Mr M. Johnston would attend.    
8.    From the Regions    
    Rats seen at the sewage works. Secretary to contact NOSWA to notify them of this and to ask if numbers could be kept down.
Condition of the car park area off Lethnot Road is a matter of concern. The Secretary is to write to the Council’s parks and roads departments to register those concerns.      

9.    Any Other Business
Land Reforn Bill due to be published soon.     

10.    Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 14th January 2002 at the Inglis Memorial Hall, Edzell.    

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