Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 10th September, 2001 at Lethnot Hall

Stracathro    -    Mr H. Campbell Adamson
Edzell    -    Mr C. Simpson,
Glenesk    -    Mr G. Lowden,  Mrs M. McIntosh
Menmuir    -    Mr C. Williamson, Mr M. Johnston
Lethnot    -    Mr I. Morrison
Brechin Landward    -    Mr P. Yates, Mr C. Gow
In attendance    -    Mr D. Murray, Mr C. Hutchison (Brechin Advertiser) and 1 member of the public
Apologies    -    Mrs E. Hickson, Mr A. de Costa,  Mr R. Cooke, Mr J. Adamson, Mrs N. Bertram, Dr B. Fernandez, Mrs I. Miller, Mr I. Rae, Mr F. Skene, Mr I. Cowie (EVIS), Cllr. R. Leslie-Melville, Cllr. R. Myles

1.    Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting as a true and accurate record was proposed by Mr M. Johnston and seconded by Mr C. Williamson. This was approved as such.     Action
2.    Treasurer’s Report
Mr Simpson reported the bank balance on 31st August 2001 stood at £306.91. (This covered July and August).    
3.    Police Matters
- Mr Williamson reported that on 11 August he had been visited by 2 police officers in response to an alarm at ‘Wellsden’. He did not have an alarm and, on questioning the police, found out that they did not know which ‘Wellsden’ the alarm was ringing at, so police officers were visiting all ‘Wellsdens’ in the area.
It was acknowledged that the police were only responding to information given to them by the alarm company. If that information was not specific, there was little they could do other than the action they took. However, it was felt that the system appeared to be rather inefficient if the police had to check every ‘Wellsden’ rather than being directed to the correct one.
- The Chairman expressed his concern at the way telephone calls to the police are being handled at present. He reported that he had recently phoned the Brechin station at a time when no one was in the station to take his call. He then had to listen to a number of choices of where he wanted his call put through. He then had to press the appropriate number on his telephone to route him through to someone he could speak to.
- Both the above were felt to be a result of the centralisation of the police services in Angus and are a matter of concern to the Community Council. The Secretary was asked to write to Chief Superintendent Murray at Forfar about those concerns.    

4.    Roads Matters
The Chairman reported that tenders for the replacement Dunlappie Bridge had gone out and were due back in to Angus Council by Friday 14 September.
Building work was expected to commence in early October and be completed by Christmas.
Mr Williamson reported that he had heard that the replacement bridge was to have a weight restriction of just 5 tonnes rather than the 24 tonnes it was expected to have. The Chairman thought it unlikely this was the case, but the Secretary will confirm what the weight restriction is to be.
Discussed this with Derek Davidson (01307 – 473386) who confirmed
a) The weight restriction will be 25 tonnes. This has more to do with access than the actual weight the bridge could handle – a vehicle of over 25 tonnes would almost certainly be too big to use the bridge. New road signs at Inchbare and Edzell will specify vehicle size and weight restrictions.
b) Confirmed that the type of bridge will be a ‘Bailey’ bridge.
c) Work will commence on Monday 08.10.01 – initially this will only involve setting up the site compound.
d) The work is scheduled for completion in the first week of December 2001 - subject to weather conditions.
No one has been appointed as a replacement for Bob McLellan. But Ronnie McNeil is acting Director of the Roads Dept for the time being.    

5.    Stracathro Hospital
- Agreed that the Secretary would write to the chairman of NHS Tayside
a) to express our concern at the recent decision to remove acute services from Stracathro, and
b) to confirm our support for Stracathro as the most suitable location for a new community hospital within Angus.
- It was mentioned that the ambulance service is reportedly looking at centralising their services at Friockheim.
- Some time spent discussing Stracathro Mansion House. The Chairman advised the meeting that, despite there being a security guard on site, there have been several instances of theft and vandalism over the last couple of months.
Repairs have been undertaken quite quickly, but the cost of the repairs and the general upkeep of the property must be substantial. The Secretary is to write to Tayside University Hospitals Trust about our concerns at these costs, especially as funds are so short.    

6.    Planning Matters    
    Edzell        It was proposed that the Community Council and EVIS write to the developer of the new housing scheme at Lethnot Road to suggest that they make a contribution     
    towards improving, or extending, the play facilities on the Muir – if such an arrangement has not already been made with the Council. Mr D. Murray is to draft a letter and send it to the Secretary.
This is because the development is so close to the Muir that there is no requirement for the developer to provide open green spaces or play areas.     

D. Murray / Secretary
7.    Correspondence Received    
    a.    Letter from the Scottish Executive confirming receipt of our comments, response etc to the ‘Land Reform – The Draft Bill’.    
    b.    SEPA handout – ‘Protecting Scotland’s Environment’.    
    c.    Invitation from Tayside Biodiversity Partnership to attend a seminar (From Summit to Sand) on Friday 14 September at Battleby Centre, Redgorton, By Perth.    
    d.    Newsletter from Angus Association of Voluntary Organisations    
    e.    Letter from The Royal British Legion Scotland with results and judges remarks on the Best Kept War Memorial Competition 2001.    
    f.    Invitation from ‘Orange’ to an ‘Orange Health and Safety Roadshow’ in Forfar on 31 August 2001.    
    g.    Updated bus timetables from the Planning and Transport Dept of Angus Council.    
    h.    Letter from Angus Council’s Chief Executive’s Office – ‘Community Council Constitutions and Standing Orders’.     
    i.    A copy of the Rural Community Transport’s  ‘A Guide to Good Practice’ booklet.     
    j.    Access News    
    k.    Letter from ‘Lead Scotland’ asking for our assistance in publicising Lead’s work in Angus. 10 copies of a handout were enclosed.    
    l.    News Release from the Scottish Executive on – grant aid from Scottish Rural Partnership Fund for the year 2002-2003. An application form was enclosed.  Passed to Mr D. Murray for his information.    
8.    From the Regions    
    Pavement outside 2 High Street needs to be repaired. The Secretary to take this up with the Roads Dept.
Reported to Sandy Garden (01307 – 473727) who advised this would be added to the work schedule – if it’s not already detailed on the work schedule.    Secretary

    Timings for cutting the verge at Craig Oshina are questionable. Not done earlier this year and has just been cut.
Discussed this with Sandy Garden who said the Council was in a ‘no-win’ situation on verge cutting. If it’s done too soon, they have people complaining about damage to wild flowers. Alternatively, if they do it later in the year people then complain that the verges obscure the view of the roads. Have, however, noted our comments.
Not sure what’s happening about the Glenesk Roadman. A meeting scheduled for a short time ago was cancelled. Will discuss with Mr R. Cooke for an update.
The Play Area at Tarfside is being well used. The Council are maintaining it and, it was assumed, have it covered for insurance purposes.  
Discussed this with Mr Jim Campbell (01241 – 435649) who confirmed this play area was on the list of Council run play areas for insurance purposes.
He also mentioned the ‘rubber tiles’ which are not satisfactory. He is talking to the contractors about this.    Secretary


    Lethnot    Trees at bottom (south) side of Margie Brig need to be trimmed.
Reported this to Sandy Garden – he said someone had reported this to them, but were not specific about the exact location and the Roads dept couldn’t find the site. Gave him the above details and he said they would attend to this.
He did point out that the maintenance (trimming etc) of trees was usually the responsibility of the landowners of the adjoining land.     Secretary

    There are now 18 children at the school, but still only 1 teacher. The Education department has agreed that another teacher is required, but appears to be a bit slow in appointing one.
The Secretary was asked to contact the Education department about this.
Discussed this with Jan Nowak of the Education dept. He thought we would be interested to know that the Scottish     

        Executive’s national guidelines on staffing levels called for a second teacher to be appointed when the number of children reached 20 – Angus Council was beating that target by agreeing to an extra teacher when the number of children got to 18.
Mr Nowak visited the school in the middle of September when he did discuss the appointment of another teacher with the head teacher (Mrs McLean).
The problem is that the Council cannot get anyone to take the permanent position because of the location of the school – it’s rurality is the stumbling block.
 There are 2 part time teachers (Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Walker) who, between them, equal approx 1.65 of a full time position. However, the Council is still trying to fill the vacancy with a full time permanent teacher.
As a matter of possible interest the Council is looking into the provision of a pre-school nursery at Lethnot to try and encourage more children to start and stay there.     

    The Council has agreed to put a pavement in at Inchbare where there is none at present and have also agreed to some (improved) parking at the school.    
9.    Any Other Business
- The Community Council has been asked to promote the Queens Golden Jubilee (3 and 4 June 2002). Any ideas would be welcome.
- Mr Murray reminded the meeting that all Community Councils now have a statutory requirement to promote race relations and meet the requirements of the Human Rights Act.     
12.    Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 8th October 2001 at the Retreat, Tarfside.    

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