We can print your own design, or add your logo to T-Shirt sleeves.
All we need is a good quality original, we can alter the size when we put it on the screen. We keep the screens so there is no set up charge for subsequent orders. We are screenprinters so don't expect us to put full colour photos on a T-Shirt. We probably will eventually get round to doing transfer prints if the quality improves enough.

We prefer printing single screen designs, single colour or colour run effect. We may, if pushed, do colour separations but they are more expensive.
Have a look at our gallery for an idea of what we do.

If you E-Mail artwork please keep the file size down. Bear in mind that the design will be printed onto fabric so multi-megabyte files are pointless and just lead to large phonebills. 300dpi A4 files in black and white (1 bit) are more than detailed enough. Zipped BMP files or GIF files are usually smallest and trouble free. Please make sure you are sending an image file.

We can source a variety of different garments and colours, let us know your requirements.

We don't use pvc, plasticiser, solvent or formaldehyde based inks so we can't print on black or dark t-shirts and on coloured t-shirts the print should be black or a contrasting dark colour.

Our water based inks are heat set into the t-shirts and give a very soft feel and are very long lasting.

Printing Prices

Printing prices are the same as wholesale prices but you need to pay for screens and extra (more than one) prints.
For printing your own design we'd need £20
for each screen, (£5 for a small logo) and 50p per garment for each additional print or colour (colour separations, sleeve prints etc.).
Contact us for a quote letting us know the numbers, sizes and type of garments you want and the size, type, number and colours of print you would prefer.

Wholesale Rates

We also do mail order for small amounts: Adults £7, Kids £5