Please e-mail your requirements for a firm quote: sunrise@gn.apc.org


Things are looking much better this year with far more choice in colour range, style/fit and size variety available. Ethical Producers of t-shirts tend to see gaining organic certification as the main priority and have not yet gone for fair trade mark certification, we will keep the site up to date on changes.
What we do is source and buy the blank shirts to print for you. We sell at festivals and events and via our web site and of course print wholesale custom orders for you!
You can buy from our range of designs wholesale and we are happy to quote for printing your design.
Some of our recent orders include an organic garden, vegan café, yoga group, festival crews, mums in Holland selling kids shirts etc.


Tender Loving Care: Baby sleepsuits, bodies, hats, long sleeve and T-Shirts from 0-3 months, through kids sizes, women's fitted t-shirts and up to 46”chest men's t-shirts, in one range. This is Ugandan cotton, the farmers getting a premium price for their Ecocert organic crop. These shirts are in natural ecru/unbleached colour organic cotton. They are great quality, with a printed cotton swing tag telling about the organic cotton. We’ve used these for a year now and are happy about the quality and quick delivery!
Price guide kids £6, adults £7.50/£8 for 50 to 100.
SAF Indian organic cotton: Range of colours/size/fit, beautiful feel and quality. SAF, (Socially Accountable Fabrics) Doing lots to assure small Indian farming communities can gain a better living, in a more natural way without the risks of toxic chemicals.
Price guide similar to above.
Freedom Clothing. Turkish organic cotton, adult size garments made by Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza.
Price guide £8-£10, dependant on quantity.
Others: If you need something in organic cotton that one of these suppliers don’t have, we have several other sources. Last year we got organic shirts from both Wales and Germany to make up an order for a group taking part in the Make Poverty History march.
Wholesale Quotes: Please get in touch with your requirements, and we’ll do what we can. We would love everyone to use organic cotton, which is safer to produce. Usually commanding a higher price for the farmers, avoiding the volatile low cotton prices which have come about due to subsidies available to large producers in the west.
Some experts claim cotton is responsible for some 200,000 deaths annually due to pesticide, herbicide and fertiliser use. Organic cotton can help reduce this.
Cheap Shirts: For the time being we are still printing quality non-organic shirts for wholesale customers which are great quality and come from suppliers who claim some ethical and environmental standards. At the moment we can’t make a living out of purely selling the organic shirts. And we still want to work with small grassroots campaigns that need to have T-shirts but can’t consider the high price of organic.
Price guide as low as £3 for 100 one design one size unbleached cotton, around £4.50 for 20/30 in say red or olive. Screens £20. Kids shirts are less!
Spring 2006 printing bargains: Catch me on a quiet week before Easter and I’ll offer to print standard shirts in a run of 100 garments, one design, at around £3 each for unbleached cotton.
£20 screen if artwork ready. Post included. Colours - about £3.50)

Get in touch if you need a quick turnaround and you have the design and money at the ready! (And as we may not have got around to updating this part of the web site, this offer can be available again from mid August, just ask and mention you’ve seen this bit of the page!)

I also have some stock of fair trade organic agrocel shirts in XL (long fit) that I’d like to move, Screen £20 for your design and shirts about £6.50 each inc. post.


We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions even if you don’t want to buy shirts.
I’m having trouble getting my head around branding. I hate it but we have to think about how we can promote recognisable fair/ethical trade now!

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