Oor W.R.I. at Menmuir

There’s “Rurals” here and “Rurals” there, an’
“Rurals everywhere,
They’ve done us women-folk a lot o’ guid, I
will declare.
They’re a’ rate fine, but nane o’ them can e’er
hope to compare
wi’ oors at Menmuir.
They may think they’re as guid, but they’re no’
    o’ that I’m share,
        as oors at Menmuir.

We hae a meetin’ ilka month within the
    schoolroom walls,
Some ithers mair ambitious, haud their meetin’s
    in their halls,
        but here at Menmuir
We’re happy an’ contended, an oor visitors aye
        we’re grand at Menmuir
We hae lectures, demonstrations, competitions
    an’ a’ thing
That will interest an’ amuse us, an’ aye some
    learnin bring.
Tae ither “Rurals”, by request, we whiles gang
        then back to Menmuir,
An tell hoo we got on to them that didna
        but bade at Menmuir.

Oor open meetins are great fun, we entertain
    the men,
An’mak’ them try oor competitions, whiles
    against the grain.
But when they entertain us, weel they get their
    ain back then
        on us at Menmuir!

We’ve a pic-nic ilka summer tae. Sometimes
    we go away
In charabancs. An ither times near hand to
    hame we stay.
The bairns are no forgot by us, we aye maun
hae a day
        for them at Menmuir.
An’ blithe and happy speed the hours we spend
    wi them in play,
        We’re young at Menmuir!

Tae help the funds we sometimes try a concert
    an’ they’re great!
Oor talent’s really guid, an I’m no’ ashamed
    tae say it!
Oor freen’s are keen tae help us an I think
    that I may state
        Ye’ll find at Menmuir
The heartiest cheers an’ encores, wi’ them we
arena’ blate.
        Hip! Hip!! for Menmuir!
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